Animierter Doppelspeakergenerative nights at Ausklang Festival 28-29 december 2015 at Hörbar in Hamburg.

Photophore 2015 festivalgenerative nights au Festival Photophore à la soirée de clôture le samedi 17 octobre 2015 à l’Espace Jean-Roger Caussimon à Tremblay-en-France.

LOGO EFEST smallLa maison sensible (en collaboration avec Scenocosme) au Festival e-fest 2-11 octobre 2015 au Palais El Abdellia à Tunis.

A 8'10 video of a live drawing performance by Yukao Nagemi based on Lola Ajima's electroacoustic composition. The video combines ink and digital drawing, live visual effects and electroacoustic music based on field recording, voice, cello and digital composition.

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Holes in the earth has since the beginning of mankind been considered as entries to the underworld. What lies inside this mysterious darkness ? Bachelard writes about the holes in the earth as the eye of the cyclops. In this piece we climb through the eye of the cyclop, deep into her round and living body, until we reach her belly, warm and pregnant.


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generative nights part 3

pic LYM GN.0000091 med 

from mural to digital graphics