lola ajima is my artist name, my given name is Boe Przemyslak. I am electroacoustic composer, live looper and singer, and I have a profound interest in spatial audio and means on which to spatialise sound.

    Initially bassplayer in industial bands, I obtained a DEM in Electroacoustic Composition from Conservartoire de Pantin, Paris. Besides acousmatic composition, I have worked with live electronics on cello during my education and live spatialisation on acousmonium. The latter was the topic of my dissertation paper. I was honored to be awarded with the SACEM prize for outstanding work during my studies.

    I work with live looping of voice and cello in the audio-visual group Lola and Yukao Meet (LYM) that I formed in 2009 together with the visual artist Yukao Nagemi.

    I am initiator and co-founder of the  sound artist collective Deus Ex Machina (dXm) situated in Copenhagen, where we explore what spatial audio is, how it can work together with other artforms, and in what ways spatiality can play a role during the compositional proces and in a live situation, with concerts, performances or installations.

    I am also co-founder of Beats by Girlz - Denmark that works for educating, promoting and supporting women, non-binary and transgender in electronic music.







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    Phone: +45 26 14 44 84

    Lola Ajima, composer and musician, 2020