Yukao Nagemi Artist Statement


Yukao Nagemi’s artistic research gives a central role to gesture, instant and presence in digitally augmented performative drawing. Through the collaboration with singer, musician and composer Lola Ajima, in the duo Lola and Yukao Meet, he has developed a singular practice in which performative drawing is closely linked to the temporal dynamics of music. Digital processes are at stake, not as an end, but as a means of amplification and expressive augmentation of the graphic gesture. Digital effects and algorithms expand the stroke, inhabit and structure the background. They are the memory, the trace, the concealment. The magnificent.

Yukao Nagemi explores themes about human condition by seeking elevation, sublime, and transcendence. The visual scenes are most often inhabited by human beings with symbolic functions, adams and eves escaped from a lost paradise, either angels or shamans as intermediary of the divine, caring for an androgynous community. The rise and fall, as well as the conception, the veneration or the punishment, are recurring themes in these figures. The harmony and the serenity of the forms evokes more often peaceful beliefs than infernal tortures.

Yukao Nagemi is also interested in the contemporary urban and media world, its dystopian perfumes, its ephemeral and fragile encounters, its atomized mechanics. Though free from a political mission, these frescos however offer an alternative look at our daily life, the data it is saturated with, and the behavioral icons it conveys.

Technically, Yukao Nagemi's graphic research covers a wide range of practices from china ink sketches to digital compositions. Even in digital works, the hand stroke and its gesture, remain the source of the graphic production. The generative processes are purposely controlled by hand stroke, sound, interaction, and algorithmic competition. The rivalry between manual traces and generative processes illustrates a contemporary artistic struggle to defend the force of human engagement in a mechanized and robotic universe, sometimes saturated to obfuscation.

Yukao Nagemi obtained a post-degree in 3D animation from ENSAD in 2004 and holds a thesis in computer science since 1991.

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