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La maison sensible


interactive audio-visual installation

Collaboration: Scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt) / Lola and Yukao Meet

alKemiDid you ever feel deep emotions for your home, and ever considered it as a living person with sensitivity and awareness? Did you ever realized that your behaviors, whether harsh or abrupt, whether caring or soothing, could have a deep impact on inhabited spaces? La maison sensible (The sensitive home) is an interactive installation in a room stuffed with sensors like the human tactile system. When the visitor enters the empty room, the walls are covered with breathing particles, and a quiet and relaxing soundscape invites to contemplation and attention... When facing noisy and brusque behaviors, the particles disappear swiftly, and the sound becomes loud and choppy. Such behaviors leave deep scars on the room's surface. Only slowly, and in the presence of empathic behaviors, the particles progressively repopulate the room, offering stunning mesmerizing patterns and warm sound atmospheres. Then, if visitors turn to a caring relationship, gently caress walls and softly scratch furniture, the room becomes a communicative organism, eliciting further attentive behaviors.

Through La maison sensible, the built environment is not considered any more as a dead object. Because of its very intimate relationship with its inhabitants, La maison sensible makes visitors experience a room as a living organism which requires attention, support, observation, empathy... Just to remind us that not so long ago, the home played a huge role in human spirituality, and certainly with good reasons! Moderns might have to rediscover its major function, and if not worshiping it, at least give it the attention it deserves...

interactive audio-visual installation
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La maison sensible interactive installation at Chateau Ephemere, efest 2015 at Palais Abdellia and Horizons Numériques 2015 at Abbaye Escaladieu. Photo & video credit: Scenocosme

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Sloterdijk, Peter (2006), Architecture as an Art of Immersion, trans. Tina Engels, Interstices 12 (2011): 106-09.

With the support of: Chateau Ephemere, SCAN.